Know your supplier!

There have already been a number of sites set up wholly to rip genuine customers like you off. It’s very crucial that you have complete relaxation with who you’re dealing with as these days anyone can create a site that is simple and begin taking booking deposits.

Over recent years there have already been a number of these rip off’s and some quite high profile customers have been duped into booking via booking websites that were fake.

We have assembled this guide not only to give assurance that we are exactly who we say we are, but more so to keep you from being ripped off should you not choose to hire from us.

So here is the run down on my top ten ways to check you not have a ruined holiday and will pick up that dream motorhome.

Ask: Are the graphics to the web site actual?

Why? Anyone can copy pictures from some other peoples sites, but only a genuine provider can show images at their location, in the event the motorhomes are branded you can be assured they possess them to you!

Ask: Are their details found on makers sites?

Why? Take a look at the UK motorhome makers websites, for example;


See if their website will not ask yourself why if that provider appears on it? Authorised status offers you assurance the provider has a relationship with the maker.

Inquire: Have a look at their address on Google!

Why? Look at streetmap although seems easy really, but take their postcode from the website and put it in Google and see whether it looks like somewhere you would rent a motorhome. Are there any motorhomes visible?

Ask: Is this site a booking website that is third party?

Why? Within recent years several sites have sprung up, frequently claiming to be the largest at motorhome leases, however they own only one or two vehicles and rent out other folks private motorhomes. It’s proven fatal for most renters and worst of all regularly the insurance is not valid, only finding out when its too late. Consider very carefully if you’re going to try this as you’ve got a third party maybe not telling you regarding the booking and taking a commission from your booking, try to manage the finish supplier.

Request: How many motorhomes do you have?

Why? Many motorhome hire firms have just a few of vehicles, its nearly a part time hobby for them. Therefore, if you lease from these folks and something bad happens, who will be there? Let from a company with a work force and fleet able to make your holiday go easily in high-end.

Ask: How old is the vehicle I’m leasing?

Why? Motorhomes have changed radically in the past 3 years, make the most of the luxury they offer, rent from a company which ensures the maximum age and mileage of a vehicle. Modern motorhomes that are renting will save you money on fuel, which in turn makes that vacation even better!

Request: Is my motorhome properly equipped?

Why? Some European motorhomes are quite badly equipped, assess it’s your essentials, vehicles are supplied by some rental companies without grill or an oven, would you be happy with that? I certainly wouldn’t! Make sure that whatever you need is contained, some firms charge from a chair into a sat nav for everything, check what campervan hire quality they use and so check these in full.

Ask: How may I check? should You say the motorhome is high-end or top-notch

Why? Many motorhome hire companies are calling really basic entry level motorhomes ‘high-end’ or identical. Check out this, visit the site of the maker and find out yourself. I have observed motorhomes described as high-end when certainly this is not completely true. A reputable hire firm tells you the quality you expect, honestly!


Why? Do motorhome hire businesses think they are able to push someone to start their vacation on a Friday? A hire company that is considerate will allow your hire begin if you want it to, not motorhome hire companies.

Ask: What are their group facilities?

Why? This is a place you will spend some time getting used to the automobile, I have learned of motorhome handovers happening in self storage lawns, even traveling outside a personal house.

Ask: Do you have a live page of some type, facebook, twitter or similar?

Why? These independent websites are not possible to backdate. So have a gander at their images as this is going to be like a history book on the business enterprise, obviously this isn’t consistently available, but when they’re it and write up can be a good way of learning regarding the business ethos.

Ask: Can I come and have a look around?

Why? Above all else, greeting the people whose hands you place your hard earned holiday time in and meeting gives you the best assurance. You have coffee or a cup of tea and can answer all of your worries whilst you take a look at the assorted possibilities. After all you are likely to spend your own time in, make sure you get the proper vehicle. Take a look at their service before you hire.